Appreciation Chocolates
5 x 3.5cm

There are four different bars

Thanks For Choosing Us
Enjoy Your Stay
Thanks For Your Enquiry
Your Business is Appreciated
Price: NZ $0.45
We Love You - Blocks
We Love You Mum
We Love You Daddy
Price: NZ $0.50
Baby Icon in Cello
You Can pick what ribbon you want,

1 of each Icon in this bag

Price is for non foiled if you want foiled choc's please ask
Price: NZ $1.10
Non Foiled Assorted Baby Iconz
Non Foiled Iconz,

you can pick normal chocolate or pink or blue
Price: NZ $0.25
Foiled Baby Icon's
Assorted Size Icon's

You will get an asortment of Iconz

You can pick normal Chocolate or pink or blue chocolate
Price: NZ $0.30
Price: NZ $0.27
3 x 3cm
Price: NZ $0.25
2.5cm Wide
Price: NZ $0.25
Sea Shell
You will get an asortment of shell's

Assorted Size's
Price: NZ $0.30

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